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During my journey with cancer, the idea of traditions became very important to me. I searched for gifts and products that my kids could have after I was gone — that would, for example, enable me to write down special memories and leave a legacy for them. But those things just weren’t available.

Now they are, thanks to redrock traditions. (Click here to see what I mean.) And how I got connected with this company is truly a God thing.

When our kids were young, my husband, Kenny, was working in the coal mines. After a friend and coworker of Kenny’s passed away, we often prayed together for him to be able to leave the mines and for us to start a business together. That’s when my sister mailed me a catalog from Christmas Around the World, a direct selling company owned by Harry Lloyd.

Rose Demy DaveWe started a business, worked hard and within one year Kenny was able to quit the coal mines. It was a blessing to be able to work around our kids’ schedules, and they were blessed to travel the world with us. I was still working with Christmas Around the World when I found out I had cancer. After Mr. Lloyd passed away, his daughter Demi and her husband Dave Kiersznowski built DEMDACO, a successful wholesale gift company. Unbeknownst to those of us who knew Demi, she had a passion to someday go back into direct sales and to strengthen the bonds of families through traditions.

Fast-forward to 2016, and I was thinking that I should be sharing my story to bring other people hope. At about the same time, Demi decided to start on her mission and launched redrock traditions.

That is just how intertwined everything is that we do. I wouldn’t have thought that Harry’s daughter Demi and I would reconnect so many years later, that she would help me go out and share my story of hope or that her mission to strengthen the bonds of family through traditions would also become part of my own.

How You Can Help

It is a great honor for me to help spread the word about redrock traditions. You can help by sharing the opportunity with anyone you know who would love not only to be part of a family-oriented mission, but also to own a business.

A Unique Opportunity
redrock traditions offers the best of both worlds: It is truly a ground-floor business opportunity, and it is backed by the strength and resources of a well-established company (DEMDACO, the wholesale gift company that Demi and Dave founded in 1997).

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