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My heart tells me that my journey has meaning and purpose beyond me as an individual or even my family. I believe that if we can make a difference in the life of just one person by telling our own stories, we have a responsibility to do so.

That’s why I’m committed to sharing my story with both faith-based and business-focused groups as a testament to the power of hope, faith and healing. My talks blend those elements with a look at the ways families can connect more deeply — by establishing or reinvigorating fun, practical and meaningful family traditions.

How You Can Help

By sharing my information with the leaders of your church or professional organization, you can help spread this message of hope and inspiration. And if you have been touched by our time together and you are willing to write and send a testimonial about your experience that I can include on this website or in other materials, I would be most grateful.

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If you’d like to book an event, please check the upcoming events calendar to see if the date you’re interested in may be available, and then fill out and submit the brief questionnaire below. Also, your help networking with a nearby group or sister organization to see if we can schedule two talks back-to-back would be appreciated, particularly when I’ll be traveling at a distance.



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